Fire Dangers

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If you’ve been following up with the news lately you may have read about the houses in Hidden Valley and Erin Woods, that fell victim to a fire. Luckily no one was harmed in any of these cases, however the inhabitants of the Erin Woods homes had one thing in common. They all mentioned that they woke up wondering what that red light was or what that smoke was. This means that the fire was already at a life threatening stage, before any of them even woke up and were ready to comprehend what was going on. The Hidden Valley fire allowed everyone to vacate the home before it damaged the entire house as well, but it was only through the coincident of the husband returning home and alerting his wife and the children she had in her care, of the fire that was about to destroy their home. Her husband mentioned that he was alerted by smelling smoke and after investigating it, he found out that it was a house fire at his home.

All these stories are extremely scary and could have ended much worse if the inhabitants of all these houses wouldn’t have woken up in time or lived through the set of coincidences that took place. A fire and heat detector could have warned all the inhabitants within the homes of the impeding danger of the fire. It could’ve alerted them much sooner than them incidentally waking up at the right moment and hurrying out the door.

Our fire protection equipment does not just alert the people within the home in case of a fire, but it is also monitored by us 24-7, so we can respond to a fire or gas leak immediately and get the authorities on their way. This allows you to focus on vacating the premises, while you can rely on us calling the fire department and ambulances.

Act now and protect yourself from the danger that fire presents to your every day lives. Protect your family, guests and pets, you can buy new furniture, but their lives will be forever lost.

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