Hockey Playoffs and Security

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You may be wondering what the Hockey Playoffs could possibly have to do with any of the security solutions that we offer. It is actually a very easy answer:

Remember back in 2011 when the Vancouver Canucks lost in the last game of the playoffs? This sparked a very large riot in which many people got hurt and a significant amount of property was damaged. We are not suggesting that any of this could have been prevented, however we do offer solutions that will allow you to review what had happened, as well as secure your property from vandalism during these riots. You can be the owner of that one house on the block that will not be attacked, because the rioters will know that your home is secured significantly better than anyone elses, and you will be left alone.

The originaly riot in 2011 did break out in the downtown core, which houses mainly businesses, however these riots can break out absolutely anywhere, whether it is a commercial or residential property. It is always better to be safe than sorry, especially when your personal property, your life and your loved ones are at risk.

We offer surveillance systems, alarm systems and advanced locking devices that will allow you to stay safe, while an entire city seemingly has lost its mind and is destroying the area.

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