With Authorized Security you get more than just a phone call when your alarm goes off. We pride ourselves with exceptional service, regular communications and will always be there to have your smart home grow with you. Get the latest technology and industry leading service starting at only $30/month.

Meet Lyric

The Honeywell Lyric Controller is the perfect security system for any size home. Lyric offers two-way wireless sensors, seamless camera integrations, Apple Homekit Integration and automation functions to make your home smarter. Lyric not only protects your home from intruders and alerts in case of environmental conditions, but also helps to make your home more comfortable. Find out more about the Lyric Controller and its many features.

The Hardware

True security cannot be achieved without the sensors that are protecting your home. Lyric offers two-way communications that are more secure and reliable than ever. With a wide array of sensors, Lyric can help protect and alert you during a burglary, fire, carbon monoxide leak and even floods. Enjoy the comfort of knowing that Authorized Security and your Lyric controller are looking out for you and your family.

Smart Home Comfort

Enjoy energy savings while you’re away and comfort when you arrive at home. Our many automation options offer control over lighting, thermostats, door locks, garage doors and other devices. With a seamless integration into the smartphone app, the Lyric Controller acts as a gateway, offering control over your smart home, whether you are away or enjoying a movie on the couch.

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