Home Control Systems

Home Control systems provide comfort, convenience, energy savings and security. As a partner with both, Control4 and ELAN, we are able to provide you with the system that best suits your needs. We are a full solution provider, offering almost all integrations, such as security, multimedia, lighting, climate and more without the need for a third party to be involved. Rest assured that your system is fully integrated and managed by Authorized Security.

Multimedia Automation

Multimedia automation can take many shapes. Our solutions span from single room audio to fully automated TV’s/projectors and audio in every single room of the home. Regardless of the size or complexity of the system, we have the capabilities to offer wiring, installation and the maintenance beyond. We not only provide the management hardware, but can also provide the TV’s or projectors, as well as any speakers, receivers or even home theater furniture. Having a fully integrated system provided by us allows for easier tech support, better warranty support and ultimately a better experience with your multimedia automation project.

Lighting Automation

Automating the lighting in a home can be a very attractive feature. Not only can the lights be controlled from a central interface, but they can also be automated if you are away, to make it seem as if someone is in the house. Additionally, the lights can be programmed for certain events, such as outdoor lighting to be turned on when there is motion in the driveway, while some interior lights may turn on if the front door is unlocked. Running intelligent schedules and events can make energy usage more efficient and respond to your needs for better convenience.

Home Security Automation

Integrating home security into a larger automated environment can help secure your home even further. Lighting schedules can respond to the status of the alarm system, while an alarm may trigger lights to flash, and certain doors to lock. Having the convenience of a central control interface also ensures that the security system is not forgotten about, while also being able to arm it from anywhere you go.

Climate Automation

A homes’ heating and cooling can be very costly if it is constantly running. The schedule set on your thermostat may not correspond to your daily routine and may leave you in the cold or waste energy unnecessarily. Automating your climate controls allows for better energy management, easier scheduling and intelligent responses to your day to day life. via geofencing and different system modes on the control system.

Irrigation/Spa/Pool Automation

Irrigation, Pools and Spa’s/Hot Tubs can also be automated via your control system. Having the automation system schedule your daily irrigation and ensure your pool/spa is always at temperature when you need it can be a very convenient thing. With our automation systems, the scheduling can be as detailed to have your irrigation turn on with the sunrise and sunset.

Home Solution Accessories

For an automation system to be complete, a few accessories may be required. We supply racks, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), docking stations, mounts, functional furniture and many other accessories that will complete the system. These accessories allow us to provide a complete solution at every turn, ensuring the systems longevity and enabling easier technical support.

Home Solution Services

As a full home solution provider, we also provide the service to back our solutions up. We can help with the initial system design and implement everything exactly as desired. Our construction services include the wiring of the building(s), the installation of all hardware and the programming of all systems to ensure full functionality on day one. We are available for any technical support after the installation and offer maintenance plans to ensure your system is protected and regularly maintained during its lifetime.

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