Vandalism, an every day problem

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Recently a story sparked the news of graffiti markings within the Brentwood neighborhood. Police are currently investigating the happenings, however none of the residents had any video surveillance cameras nor was any evidence collected other than the markings themselves. The crime seems to be a random act of opportunity, and does feature some gruesome satanic markings, but it seems as though it was a very immature act according to the Calgary Police.

Another story is a campaign for bus shelters. This campaign is supposed to stop people from vandalizing bus shelters. Who knew that that was even a thing to do. There will be posters mounted within the bus shelters, that are supposed to discourage people from vandalizing these exact shelters.

Both of these stories should show you that vandalism, whether random or targeted, is around us on a daily basis. We aim to protect you from these acts, even if a little graffiti doesn’t seem like a big deal to you, but who would want to wake up to see their property defaced by such markings. We offer reasonable priced surveillance products that can protect your home from vandals even coming close to it. They will see the camera and will most likely already be deterred. In case of someone trying to destroy the camera or trying to spray paint the camera, the camera will notice and alert you, letting you know about the issue at hand.

Not only can you have this system to deter vandals, but you can also use it to check in on your home when you’re on holidays, at work or out for coffee. You can always pull your cameras up on your mobile device, be it a tablet, smartphone or laptop, you’ll always be ready to react to what’s happening at your home. Call us today and find out about our surveillance solutions.

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